Before You Go

Tips for Efficient Packing / Unpacking
Long time travel professional and world traveler, Kaye Seeliger, shares her best tips for efficient packing. 

International Driving Permits
Should you need to communicate with foreign authorities, this recognizable form of identification can help you get on your way more quickly. Valid in over 150 countries, the permit contains your name, photo, and driver information translated into ten languages.

Top 10 Things to Carry On Your Next Flight
As you’re preparing for your next flight, AAA Travel recommends 10 items to consider putting in your carry-on bag.

US  - Canada Border Information
Everyone wants their border crossing to go smoothly with fewer delays. The best way to make sure this happens is to know what to expect to ensure a smooth crossing at the border.

Tips to Increase Your Chances of Getting a Flight Upgrade
If you are like most of us, you rarely, if ever, book first-class tickets for your flights. Sometimes passengers are offered free upgrades on flights, and for those cases, it's nice to know how to increase your chance of getting the upgrade.  

Deciding on Separate Rental Car Coverage
While rental insurance may sound like a good idea, it's important to know what is covered and what kind of coverage may already exist before purchasing it. 

Free 2017 Admission Canada Discovery Pass
Get free admission to all national parks, national historic sites, and national marine conservation areas operated by Parks Canada.



Travel Inspiration

Bucket List Beaches
If your bucket list includes every one of the spectacular beaches in our global portfolio, you’ve got a big task ahead of you. There are a countless amount scattered throughout the world, but AAA & Travel Impressions have somehow managed to narrow it down to ten of their favorites. Here are the sugary sands that made it onto our team’s bucket list.

Ten "Hidden Gem" National Parks
These national and state parks don't get as much attention as others, but we think they're among the best parks in the United States.  

Top 10 Renewal Retreats
Who says you need a reason? Retreat, renew, rejuvenate and rejoice in these resorts.

Get Your Geek On
These fun spots will appeal to the geek or nerd in you. Includes an assortment of pop-culture attractions and restaurants. ...Here’s a list of themed AAA Rated® hotels, restaurants and attractions across the country. 

Ultimate Literary-Inspired Travel Spots
Follow in the footsteps of famous authors and their fictional characters as you travel to these literary-inspired spots. From historic homes, you can tour to book-themed restaurants you can dine in, read on for some novel suggestions.

Super Soaker Hot Spots
Cool off this summer at one of these water-filled destinations that will keep the kids talking long after it's over. 

Ten Amazing Castle Hotels
On your next European vacation, why settle for a hotel room when you could stay in a castle? While they're not for the budget-minded traveler, luxurious castle hotels in Ireland, Scotland, France and other countries make for a memorable vacation.

Best Cities for Music Lovers
Find out more about the history of your favorite style of American music while exploring the country or attend an amazing music festival. Here’s a sampling of what you can find, so put on some traveling music and hit the road!

Plan Your Aquarium Visit
Kid-friendly vacations start with fun things to do.  If you were looking for a few ideas, this list may be just what you were looking for to enhance your vacation destination.   

What's Your Island Style?
Planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands but not sure where to start? Torn between picking a single island or doing some island hopping? Our guide will help you pick the perfect island to create the vacation of a lifetime.

Top 10 Most Visited National Parks
With 59 National Parks located across the country, everyone should be lucky enough to take in such beautiful sights at least once.  Plan your vacation starting with the 10 parks or select your own destination. 

Why River Cruising?
Get closer to spectacular cityscapes, and cruise through canals and rivers with more time in port. Step ashore in fairy-tale towns and major European capitals. 

On the Hunt for Dinos
Can’t get enough of all things Jurassic and Cretaceous? Or perhaps you have a little one who is dinosaur-obsessed? If so, check out the following recommendations to learn about some of the best places to see dinosaur fossils, models and murals.

America's Most Beautiful Botanical Gardens
These seven American botanical gardens offer that kind of peaceful retreat: a place to wander about, appreciate natural beauty and recharge depleted batteries.

America Celebrates Lighthouses
The United States has more lighthouses than any other country, and many of them are celebrated for their beauty and history as well as their usefulness. A variety of festivals salute these landmark navigational aids.


Cruise Tips

11 Tips for Stretching Your Cruise Dollars
As ships have become fancier and more amenity-laden than ever before, trying to figure out how much your trip will cost is a little bit like peering into Alice in Wonderland's rabbit hole.

Best Time to Cruise
AAA's code to cruising. 

Top 10 Cruise Questions
To give you more insight into the contemporary cruise experience, we've answered 10 of the most common questions that are asked by travelers who've never sailed.

Budgeting for Your Cruise
When budgeting for your cruise, remember to think of expenses beyond the cruise itself. You’ll want to account for everything before and during the cruise to make sure you don’t bust your budget.